B2B SEO Strategy to Attract the Right Prospects

A B2B SEO Strategy to Attract the Right Prospects Understanding the basics of B2B SEO (search engine optimization) is difficult for people that don’t specialize in the practice. Why wouldn’t it be? Google is constantly changing the way it indexes and ranks pages in search results. It seems so very covert how Google remains secretive about what works and what doesn’t work to improve those rankings. With that said, there are ways to succeed with B2B SEO. It all comes down to creating a strategy and sticking to it. Before we get into the weeds of content creation, optimization, and promotion, let’s discuss a few key “on-site” SEO basics.

Source: hingemarketing.com/blog/story/b2b-seo-strategy-attract-right-prospects

Promoting your content—Amplification (off-site SEO) The final piece of your B2B SEO strategy should focus on content promotion. If you are just posting a blog on your website every week and not promoting it, you are limiting your chances to drive additional traffic that may lead to content downloads and conversions. Promoting your content strategically will not only get it directly in front of influencers and decision makers, but will also lead to natural links coming back to your domain. Again, a major, if not the most important factor Google uses to decide rankings.

All too often, firms abandon their strategies far too soon or, even worse, have no strategy at all. Realize that you are not going to triple your traffic and leads in three months. It doesn’t work that way. It usually takes at least 6 months of content creation, optimization, and promotion to see real results. If you have struggled with where to start on putting together a effective B2B SEO strategy, hopefully this post will point you in the right direction. Feel free to ask any additional questions you might have in the comments below. Have any other tactics worked well for you?